Photo: FBF 2016 – Krzysztof Biedalak (CEO at SuperMemo), Alicja Jankowiak (Editor-in-Chief at SuperMemo), Elżbieta Trubowicz-Gołuńska (Business Unit Manager at SuperMemo)

Poland present at the What Works? Education Conference at the London Book Fair


Feb, 24 2017


by PubTechPoland

On March 14, the first day of the London Book Fair, the International Publishers Association’s Education Publishers Forum organizes an international education conference titled: “What Works? Successful Publishing Resources & Technologies for the Future”. On its fifth edition at the Olympia Conference Centre in West London, the conference will focus on digital learning technologies, among others. A series of afternoon panels are planned to give insight into what impacts publishing industries and markets around the world. The programme will include a debate on digital transitions with a representative from Poland, Alicja Jankowiak, Editor-in-Chief at SuperMemo, as one of the panelists.

More details about the sessions are coming up soon.

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