inkBOOK e-readers meets Sony URMS standard


Mar, 22 2017


by PubTechPoland

Arta Tech – inkBOOK brand owner informed that inkBOOK Prime and inkBOOK Classic 2 readers as the first products in the world will support the latest DRM safety standard for electronic books – Sony URMS. It will make it easier to share the purchased e-books and allow the publishers to implement new business models.

Digital rights management (DRM) is a set of security features that protect data in electronic format against the effects of, for example, illegal data sharing. For many years, Adobe DRM has been the most popular standard in the market. E-books protected this way must have been opened by Adobe Digital Editions to assign them to Adobe ID account. Reading documents on a reader was only possible after plugging it to a computer and assigning it a unique identifier by a program, or, in case of readers with Internet access, by direct authorization on the device.

New URMS standard has been developed by Sony DADC, which is a department responsible for development of standards such as: CD, DVD, UMD, Blu-ray, as well as safety features for movies, games and music.

The major assumptions of the new system include safety, flexibility and simplicity for an end user. Process of e-book purchase will be easier, and a buyer will not have to configure a device with a special software. SDK pack of Sony URMS can be implemented in any application, device and system, such as Android, iOS or Windows, therefore authorization will be automatic and buyers will be able to read books right after the purchase.

Sony URMS allows for implementation of numerous business models: controlled e-book borrowing between users, identified number of downloads, and even a model of renewable subscription. For publishers, the costs of such DRM system starts from a few PLN, depending on the book’s content, and is lower than in case of Adobe.

Arta Tech, the company owning inkBOOK brand, was the first producer publishing its native support for new DRM. inkBOOK Prime and inkBOOK Classic 2 readers will be supported with the service of Sony URMS security features. This is another step for the Polish brand to create the most universal e-book readers in the market. Even now, users of inkBOOK can read e-books secured by Sony URMS thanks to Bookvia app developed by Sony and Datalogics. inkBOOK also allows for reading e- books secured by Adobe DRM and original systems developed by e-bookstores (e.g. German Skoobe).

After publishing the native support for Sony URMS, the owners of readers will start to enjoy reading e-books completely independently from DRM system, by means of which the purchased books will be secured, and without a need to install any additional applications.

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